OPAC: Domestic Violence Intervention and Anger Management



Outgrowing Power, Anger & Control (OPAC) - A Group Approach

Lane County Approved Batterer Intervention Program for Men & Women

OPAC group participants consist of those who are mandated and also those who are voluntarily taking classes to increase their emotional intelligence and relational capacity. Professionally led groups are for men and women who use anger and control abusively in relationships and desire to change.  Completion of OPAC fulfills Oregon’s requirements for Domestic Violence offenses.

Classes for adult men and women are available as well as seperate classes for partners and victims.



How long is the program?

The full OPAC curriculum is 48 weeks. Group members will attend 36-52 classes depending on his/her referring agent or agency. For those interested in volunteering for the classes, we recommend 26 weeks of participation toward the goal of Anger Management and 36 weeks of participation for those who want Domestic Violence Intervention. Participants attend one 90-minute group each week until completion of the program. Completion of the program involves both class attendance and financial responsibility.

What are the classes about?

OPAC’s curriculum is always adapting based on new research and evidence-based practices for working with families and individuals. Amidst these cutting edge approaches, the foundation of the curriculum includes classes focused on:

  • Wheel of Domestic Violence
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Using Anger in Healthy Ways
  • STOP process
  • Accountability
  • Brain Function
  • Relationships
  • People Building
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • High Cost of Battering
  • Parenting & Children
  • Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS)
  • Attachment
  • DBT

Who teaches the classes?

Groups are facilitated by Master’s level therapists, all of whom understand the Christian belief system and faith-based lifestyles but participants do not need to hold the same worldview to benefit from the curriculum.

Who can sign up?

Anyone who is interested in understanding his/her patterns of anger and wants to learn kinder, safer, more respectable ways of interacting with others is encouraged to sign up. Please know that because our agency serves children we are unable to provide groups and services to individuals with sex offenses. If you have questions about this you may call the number below. 

How do I sign up?

Individuals interested in joining an OPAC class must first complete an intake appointment with an intake therapist. This appointment costs $65. Once the intake is completed, participants may begin attending classes which cost $35 each. Some insurance companies like OHP will cover group sessions. Payment plans are available.


*Please note*

Release for completion from a Batterer Intervention Program shall not be interpreted as evidence that the participant is presently non-abusive, as descriptive of his present behavior outside the group, or as predictive of his future behavior.



To schedule an intake appointment, please call (541) 686-6000 and press 2.

To print OPAC Intake paperwork :Please (1) Click Here Please print single sided. 

To see a schedule of current classes, click here.


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