EEG biofeedback, also referred to as neurofeedback, is a state-of-the-art, therapeutic training tool for the brain.  It can be used to improve a variety of health conditions as well as to powerfully focus the brain to increase personal potential. The conditions most often treated are:    

  •     headaches
  •     migraines
  •     anxiety
  •     depression
  •     sleep disorders
  •     addiction

A certified Neurofeedback professional provides the necessary instruction and interpretation to encourage the brain to function in the desired frequency patterns. When this happens, symptoms may be greatly decreased or eliminated.


Who Can Benefit from Neurofeedback?

  • Children with problems such as bedwetting, nightmares, attention deficits and other disruptive behavior can benefit from Neurofeedback.
  • Adults and teens suffering from migraines, PTSD, anxiety, focus, sleep disorders and substance abuse have found relief through the process.

Anyone can benefit from the process because it can help maintain good brain function as we age.


How Does It Work?


The hour-long appointment is simple, painless and non-invasive. Three sensors are placed on the scalp with EEG paste to pick up the brain waves. At no time is there any application of current to the brain. Most people find the sessions very relaxing and begin to experience relief of symptoms within a few weeks.


Neurofeedback is brain exercise... like giving your brain a work-out.

We let your brain see its own activity through a video display driven by your brain waves. As your brain gets stronger, it calms down and learns to control the anxiety and other issues.

In a typical Neurofeedback session, electrodes are applied to the scalp to listen in on brainwave activity. The signal is processed by computer, and information is extracted about certain key brainwave frequencies (all brainwave frequencies are equal but some are more equal than others). The ebb and flow of this activity is shown back to the person, who then attempts to change the activity level. Some frequencies we wish to promote, others we wish to diminish.

This information is presented to the person in the form of a video game. The person is effectively playing the video game with his or her brain. Eventually the brainwave activity is "shaped" toward more desirable and regulated performances. The frequencies that are targeted and the specific locations on the scalp where the brain is "listened in on" are specific to the conditions that are being addressed and specific to the individual. For more information about what Neurofeedback can do for you, please visit the EEG Institute.

A leading expert in the field of trauma therapy, Bessel Van Der Kolk,  is raising money for research to show the effectiveness of Neurofeedback.  It is his hope that Neurofeedback can be recognized for its positive results and become part of the current standard of treatment, and as such be reimbursable through insurance.  He explains the effects of trauma on a child's brain and how neurofeedback can help in this video.