Making a Safer Place for Children

About Christians As Family AdvocatesAbout Us

Christians As Family Advocates (CAFA) offers services to the community to make a safe place for children and families. CAFA is a state certified, non-profit 501(c)(3) mental health agency offering services and support to adults, children and families. We have several goals as follows:
  1. To equip individuals, partners and parents to live more successfully.
  2. To empower individuals to interact with others in a way that creates the best environment possible for healthy relationships to develop.
  3. To educate parents to interact with children in ways that support a child’s growth, safety and well being.
  4. To help individuals find solutions for their presenting mental health problems.
  5. To remain a community resource for couples and families struggling to have safe, stable, fulfilling, and enriched relationships.


What we do...

We offer the following services to our clients:
  • Counseling services for individuals, families, & couples
  • Parenting classes: Parenting After Crisis & TIPS- True Insight Parenting Strategies
  • Domestic Violence Intervention Program: OPAC
  • Supervised visitation and exchanges: Kids Connecting
  • Neurofeedback


We are available to share our knowldge, skills and understanding of mental health issues, domestic violence prevention and intervention, child abuse prevention, parenting training and couple's enrichment to faith communities as well as the larger community.  

Our current community collaborations include:

  • Church parenting classes
  • Speakers at Eugene Rotary
  • Partnership with DHS
  • Trainings for Family Connections of Lane County
  • University of Oregon, SAAP Instruction
  • Safe Families for Children Lane County


Our Amazing Board of Directors...

CAFA is so grateful for the strong leadership and tireless commitment of the members of its Board of Directors. These inspiring and gifted people offer clear direction and warm encouragement and are truly a blessing to the entire CAFA family.
  • Carolyn Rexius LCSW
    CAFA, Executive Director
  • Selene Peterson, CPA - President of the Board
    Young & Meyers, P.C.
  • Rusty Rexius - Vice President
    President, Rexius Sustainable Solutions
  • Richard Truett - Board Member
    President, Bi-Mart Corporation
  • Ron Crawford - Board Member
    Vice President, Alliance Insurance Group
  • Paul Rudinsky, LPC - Board Member
    Therapist, Paul Rudinsky LLC
  • Terry Hoagland - Board Member
    Superintendent, Coburg Community Charter School
  • Ann Pentacost - Board Member
    Real Estate Broker, AM Pentacost Reality
  • Scott Stewart - Board Member
    Author & Speaker,