How Blue Sky Can Improve Your Relationships

Carolyn Rexius's picture

There’s a term in the business world referred to as “Blue Sky.” Let’s say I’m buying your restaurant. You don’t own the building or any of the equipment but you’ve been in business for ten years and have a great name in the community. So that’s what I’m buying- your name, your reputation, your history. The community’s trust. I’m buying “Blue Sky”.

I’ve been thinking about Blue Sky and how that concept might affect my relationships. What would it be like if I allowed a little more blue sky in my marriage, my family and even in my friendships? You know, trust, understanding- grace. I could choose to respond differently when someone says a comment that might offend me. I could slow down, take a breath and think-  Maybe they didn’t mean to hurt me. Could it be that they’re having a bad day and unfortunately it’s spilled over onto me? Maybe when my husband forgot our anniversary it’s just that he really was busy. Maybe when my sister didn’t return my phone call it was nothing personal. It just slipped her mind.

I know this person, I know they love me so I need to give them a break. Give them the benefit of the doubt. I can give them some blue sky.

Whether in your marriage, your friendships or your extended family I think we all could benefit from a little blue sky.
I guess what it means is giving the other person the benefit of the doubt. It’s just a thought.